Monday, January 30, 2012

The Prevalence of Injustice

There's this odd feeling that we never really have left the medieval ages.

There still are the frailes brainwashing the masses.

The corrupt caciques.

Shadowy colonizers.

The poor and ignorant masses.

And an ever-present, persistently corrupt and constantly inept government.

This is so 1800s!

One would expect Rizal and Bonifacio to show up anytime for a revolution.

Yet, this is truly the 21st century and 1898 is ancient history - even if you keep slapping yourself red and pinch your arm til it bleeds.

It may be that the wheels of Filipino justice never really had any wheels to start with - so its pace remains stagnantly still. Since shackled under foreign powers in centuries past, the reach of justice has always been so distant. Til the present, it has been elusive for us as it was for our ancestors. The chilling thing about this is that even our very own has come to ape the colonizers in suppressing equal justice.

In the present, this imitation has far more dangerous implications. Insurgents abound and they would happily use this weakness of the government. Possibly like their Red Chinese brethren, it would easy for them to turn democracy into a dirty word for everyone. A Communist Philippines is definitely the last thing that every Filipino wants. We all know what democracy really means to them (the Communists I mean). Democracy and justice go hand in hand - if justice never was present in our republic, the Reds would be ever so jubliant to advertise to all to "Buy Communist"! In Communism, you get equality and justice all in one package. For because in democracy, justice does not exist (it is bought separately). Tsk, tsk, tsk - somehow, that is tragically true.

What was the government thinking anyway? Never mind the president - it is his sleazy advisers and persistently annoying brainless lobbyists who are to blame. Why should the administration blindly heed the ramblings of shady underlings? Why should one man doggedly go after a symbol of fairness and justice? If what their source says is true, then the Philippine Daily Inquirer has a solid news article on their front page. In more ways than one, the whole government - even the Senate - has become the rubber stamp of one man. The repercussions of putting the Supreme Court in a bad light can not only be damaging politically but the economy as well can be dragged down. Many investors would be thinking, "I thought that China has no impartiality in their courts - I guess the Philippines is a lot worse!". No amount of trade delegations can ever pull investors into our shores when we give the impression that we can't handle legal matters properly. Worse, many Filipinos from the struggling sector will find their disenchantment for the government multiplied. The poor has long programmed in their heads that "only the rich can have justice". With this fiasco, it only makes the belief in that thought stronger. And any demagogue or Communist can so easily step in to foment further discontent - then sell them over to the dark side.

I smell something fishy here - even Rizal would say the same, since he is also good in detecting fishy smells.

Mr. President, many still have faith in you. You never were ennobled by public mandate as "Our Excellency" if it not for the wisdom and fortitude you carry. We do know you can still do something rational about this...