Friday, February 3, 2012

Red Means Dunce

This is a reaction to “Warning Against the US Bases’ Return” by Samuel P. Medenilla (Manila Bulletin, 2/3/2012 issue). I should say, Soluta should READ MORE and UNDERSTAND MORE of Chinese history.

The KMU secretary general’s statements can be read as TREASONOUS.

If there’s anything more that we need, it is MILITARY LEVERAGE. We may have past misgivings with the US presence, but all the more do we need them. Better then to endure once more their stay. As the Chinese would quote, “swallow the teeth and the blood – for if small things are not suffered, great matters are imperiled”.

For Red China is a serious threat than assumed.

We Filipinos should “TALK FROM STRENGTH” much like those Maoists. Plain talk will lead us to nowhere. Yeah, we can discuss all we want with Beijing but then what? They’re really buying time through these negotiations – ENOUGH TIME TO BULK UP OFFENSIVES. Wiser then to encourage the Aquino government to foster a multi-lateral initiative with ASEAN states against Chinese harassment. Furthermore, we can have this mutual defense agreement with Nepal together with the US to check Chinese expansionism. Isn’t Mr. Soluta aware that Beijing is secretly undermining the Nepalese government? They’re also a victim like us. WHY DIDN’T HE BRING THOSE SUGGESTIONS UP INSTEAD OF WHINING COWARDICE TO THE MEDIA?!

The world knows that the Chinese are masters of negotiation. To sum up their style, they love to “TALK GENTLY WHILE WIELDING A HUGE CLUB”. I should’ve said “big stick” at the end but that’s clearly an understatement (you people know why). That KMU idiot doesn’t know that more talk displays weakness. Why then the continued intrusions if he deems talks are effective, in spite of continued negotiations? Clearly, we’re not getting results and we’re bored sick with waiting on mere promises. Oops for you, KMU – you’ve made a faux pas.

Those Philippine Reds ought to think before they run their mouths. All the more they unravel their true colors whenever they muster such talk. Ingat sila sa pagladlad.

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